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Temple of Forbearance


Category: Locations

"Water is patient. Learn from it."

These are the teachings of the Temple of Forbearance, the origin point of many, if not all, Clerics.

Near the Human settlement of Mistral nestled among the myriad of small islands and kelp lies this Temple. It is completely submerged under the water. It stands on the ocean floor. The powerful and ancient spell protecting it is said to be maintained by the Ocean herself.

All travelers are welcome. Making the short swim down to the brightly lit and breathable hall is fairly easy.

Inside in the center is an Altar that accepts donations of coin. It blesses the pious individual who makes an offering. The Ocean is kind enough to extend the blessing to all Clerics. There are also several tools for Clerics to utilize for their own purposes.

The Caretaker of the temple is Icarus Lavalto, a Human who lives nearby on the main Island of Mistral.